Delta Air Lines Brand Center

September 1st 2019

While working in the Marketing department at Delta Air Lines, it was my duty as part of a team to manage the brand. To help all internal channels stay on top of the latest and greatest for brand standards, I created an intranet website to share all the most recent correct branding. I monitored the site and adjusted as needed based on how the site was used and based on keyword searches for items. I would actively monitor the site usage to determine how to optimize the website.


The menu was optimized to get the user to precisely to the file they needed. I would update the menu based on usage and prioritize to highest usage.


The downloads section was prioritized by the number of downloads to help users get to exactly the right file.

Sky Priority

The Sky Priority section was created to deliver all updated assets to all the airports in the world that needed updated graphics. The old way of doing this type of work was to receive requests from all the separate locations and then deliver one by one. Using this method significantly reduced the number of emails and requests, reducing errors, and increasing production.

Terminal Guidelines

Supergraphic Downloads

Creative Request Form

I would say that the creative request form was the most critical tool used by our team. We wanted it to be easy to use but help us direct users to input the minimum amount of information to start a project. When I started working at Delta Air Lines, the creative team was using email to take incoming requests and then manually checking against an Excel spreadsheet. Using the creative request form that I coded from scratch, I was able to connect it to an open-source project management software. Automating most of the tracking and creating a way to prioritize work.

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