Husky Tool Chest

November 23rd 2019

Following the same design principles that I used for the Husky 1025-Piece Mechanic's Toolset, my team worked to create content for the Husky Tool Chests. The key to the success of rich content depends on the creative feedback during our team's wall walks, adherence to brand guidelines and of course the insightful knowledge and experience I'm able to provide from working hands-on for years in marketing. Without our team's cohesive communication and support of one another's unique skills and talents, we wouldn't be able to create such amazing content as you see below.

It's about what we do as a team and not as an individual that makes us one of the best creative teams at The Home Depot.


Screenshot of the product page with Defiant doorknob rich content.

The Home DepotvectorillustrationHuskybrand