Workstation Sink

November 23rd 2019

This project is unique in that we found a project where we could test using 3D modeling to model a specific product and its accessories. I began researching and understanding how my team can start using 3D modeling and renders as a tool to create rich content for product pages. I've found that in some instances, using 3D models would significantly increase the speed of creating rich content. For this project, I worked with Juan Biancardi on my team, and he was able to move quicker using 3D for this project rather than using traditional vector-based isometric illustrations. At some point, I see the ability to use 3D models and javascript tools that can render those 3D models directly in the browser allowing customers to zoom, rotate and interact with product features.

Screenshot of the product page with Defiant doorknob rich content.

The Home Depotvectorillustration3D