Matthew Daniel

Awesome Sauce
Year 2018
Applications PHP, JavaScript,
Categories Development, The Home Depot
Project Goal

Awesome Sauce was developed to pull data from three separate APIs to validate rich content. In it's latest version, it pulls from a fourth API which contains prioritized product attributes based on customer search data. The goal was to automatically pull data so that it could be exported to an Excel document.


I created a tool that allows one to enter a list of OMSIDs to search. Once the search is completed, it returns a data table from the multiple APIs. The data table can be exported as CSV or Excel.

The next step is clicking on "List with images." This button creates a masonry card page version that includes primary data points.

The final step is clicking on "product details" on the card, which launches a modal showing product attributes. If one clicks the attribute title, one will see the GUID for that attribute.

After I wrote this tool, the production time of the team improved significantly.