Matthew Daniel

Delta Brand Center
Year 2010-2015
Applications Photoshop, Illustrator,
Categories Branding, Delta Air Lines
Project Goal

Create a centralized location for all Delta Air Lines employees to access branded materials and learn more about the global brand standards. While working on the brand team in marketing, we would receive loads of weekly emails asking questions about the global standards or where employees could source files. I decided it would be best if we built an intranet site to deliver the branded files employees were searching for.



I decided to use WordPress as a platform as it was easy to set up. It had user management, media management, and search capabilities. I was able to use it with third-party tools to monitor activity and what terms users were searching so that I could improve the experience. As time passed, I evaluated how users searched and used the site and optimized the experience based on how employees used the site.

I would update the home page to display the most used or searched items, and I would also update the menu to match the most used items to make it easier for users to find what they were looking for. I prioritized the downloads page, where users could discover files based on user activity, and placed the most downloaded items at the top.

Sky Priority

The key to using the Sky Priority section was how it made doing a brand update easier. In the past, all the airports would have to request all the images manually, and then our team would have to send all the files one by one. Using the Sky Priority page, we could create all the sizes, and then stations could go to the link and download what they needed. This page allowed our team to reduce the work required for a rebranding initiative.

Creative Request Form

The creative request form was the most critical tool our team and others at Delta Air Lines used to receive brand and marketing creative. All requests to the brand team came through this intake form. The form went through multiple edits and optimizations through the years. I built the form by learning PHP and JavaScript. I used PHP and JavaScript to provide form validation and process the data into the project management software the team was using.

The old way of tracking was to receive an email and then create a row in an Excel spreadsheet to track items. Using the creative request form and an open-source project management software, I manipulated code and created intuitive ways to track and report on projects.