Matthew Daniel

Delta VR Experience
Year 2014
Applications Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D
Categories Branding, Delta Air Lines
Project Goal

Create a unique VR experience for customers visiting Sky Clubs in multiple airports around the United States. The customers could virtually experience being on two separate aircraft, and as they looked around, new product features and highlights would appear.

  • Find a vendor to produce the display.
  • Find a vendor to supply the VR cardboard takeaway.
  • Find a vendor to create the 3D experience.
  • Source Samsung phones to use in the Samsung VR headsets.
  • Source Samsung VR headsets.
  • Ship the display and all the materials to Atlanta, New York, and Seattle.
  • Coordinate with flight attendants to provide support during the activation.

I was able to work with multiple vendors simultaneously to create:

  • The VR cardboard package. Sky Club members could take the cardboard with them and use their cell phones to experience being on board a plane and learning about all the new product features and highlights of the in-flight experience.
  • A third-party tradeshow supply company created the display to my specifications regarding size, materials, colors, etc. I worked with the in-flight team to source actual seat material on display, which is also mimicked on the cardboard VR package.
  • We worked with a company in Atlanta to create the 3D VR experience that we would use in the Samsung VR headset. Customers could take a cardboard VR headset and visit a URL to see the experience using their cell phone.
  • Working with the tradeshow company, we built a TV stand to showcase the experience with a promo video to those passing by so they could understand what the VR users were experiencing.
  • We modified the headset to have headphones without a head strap. We cleaned the headsets after each use with cleansing wipes and sourced disposable covers for each use of the headphones.
  • I worked with the tradeshow company to source a specifically designed chair so that customers, while experiencing VR, could sit down without falling. The chair was low profile and could spin 360 degrees.