Creative leader with 17+ years of related experience.

The Home Depot
Associate Creative Director
The Home Depot
Art Director
The Home Depot
Senior Web Designer
Delta Air Lines
Senior Graphic Designer
Kennesaw State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Concentration in Graphic Design
  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Dean's List
  • President's List
  • Senior of the Year Award
Key Skills
Visionary Thinking

A visionary thinker with a track record of conceptualizing and implementing innovative creative strategies that push boundaries and drive long-term success.

Strong Leadership

Adept leader with a proven track record of guiding cross-functional creative teams to success, nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration, and consistently delivering outstanding results in alignment with strategic objectives.


A highly creative individual who consistently generates imaginative and groundbreaking ideas, transforming concepts into visually stunning and compelling creative assets that captivate audiences and drive brand innovation.


Demonstrates remarkable adaptability, seamlessly navigating diverse creative challenges, evolving project requirements, and shifting industry trends while consistently achieving exceptional results and maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Attention to Detail

Demonstrates unwavering attention to detail in every aspect of creative projects, ensuring precision and excellence in design, execution, and final deliverables.


Adept communicator with a talent for facilitating seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams, articulating creative visions and objectives with clarity, and forging strong client and stakeholder relationships to ensure project success and client satisfaction.

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