Matthew Daniel

Australia Annual Report
Year 2007
Technology Photoshop, Illustrator,
Categories Kennesaw State University
Project Goal

This assigned project aimed to explore advanced page layout of a multi-page document using spreads. It would require understanding how to set up and deliver files to a printer for a booklet. The advanced setup includes color space, character styles, paragraph styles, images, vector files, fonts, etc.

We were allowed to find a current annual report and then convert it using our own design choices. Some of the requirements were that some pages had to be spreads, we had to use Photoshop and Illustrator, we had to include a quote, a chart with numbers, a graph using graphical elements, and dynamic typography.


My solution involved using aboriginal art as the motif. I was able to find imagery of aboriginal art and then I converted them to vector illustrations. I used the circles as a repetitive texture throughout the report. I used blocks of color and changing of text colors to keep the reader engaged.