Kluck’s Krispy Chicken Marketing and Campaign Management


As the marketing consultant for Kluck’s Krispy Chicken, I spearheaded various initiatives to enhance brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and boost sales across multiple locations. My work encompassed strategic planning, campaign execution, audience segmentation, and performance optimization. Below is a detailed breakdown of my contributions:

1. Brand Identity and Messaging

Objective: Develop and refine Kluck’s Krispy Chicken’s brand identity to resonate with target audiences and highlight unique selling propositions.


  • Crafted a comprehensive brand messaging strategy focusing on key value propositions: fresh, never frozen chicken, made-from-scratch meals, homemade sauces, and generous portions.
  • Created engaging headlines and descriptions for various marketing channels, including social media, email campaigns, and in-store promotions.


  • Established a consistent and compelling brand narrative that enhanced customer perception and loyalty.

2. Social Media Content Calendar

Objective: Develop a structured content calendar to maintain a consistent online presence and engage customers across social media platforms.


  • Designed a monthly content calendar with three posts per week, each highlighting different value propositions and aligning with peak customer engagement times.
  • Tailored content to emphasize top-selling items and seasonal promotions, such as the “Red, White, and Blue Sampler” for July 4th.


  • Increased social media engagement and interaction, driving traffic to both physical locations and online platforms.

3. Google Ads Campaigns

Objective: Implement targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads to drive local traffic and enhance online visibility for both restaurant locations.


  • Proposed and developed separate Local Campaigns and Search Campaigns for each location to tailor targeting and optimize ad spend.
  • Collaborated with the restaurant owner to set up Google Ads accounts and manage campaigns effectively.


  • Achieved higher foot traffic and online engagement through precisely targeted ads, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.

4. Email Marketing

Objective: Enhance customer retention and engagement through personalized email marketing campaigns.


  • Created welcome emails for new loyalty program members, outlining benefits and encouraging immediate engagement.
  • Designed email campaigns for special promotions, such as the “Red, White, and Blue Sampler,” to drive traffic during key events.


  • Strengthened customer relationships and loyalty, resulting in repeat business and higher lifetime value per customer.

5. Audience Segmentation and Insights

Objective: Develop a deep understanding of customer demographics and behaviors to tailor marketing strategies effectively.


  • Conducted market research and analyzed customer data to identify key segments: Family-Focused Diners, Health-Conscious Consumers, Local Community Enthusiasts, Young Adults, and Convenience Seekers.
  • Customized messaging and offers to appeal to each segment’s preferences and behaviors.


  • Improved targeting and relevance of marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Through strategic planning and execution across multiple channels, I successfully enhanced Kluck’s Krispy Chicken’s brand presence, customer engagement, and sales performance. My efforts in developing a strong brand identity, managing social media content, executing targeted ad campaigns, and personalizing email marketing have contributed to the restaurant’s ongoing success and growth.

Brand Identity Exploration

Objective: Update the brand logo and logo typography to be more engaging and energetic.

Kluck's Krispy Chicken Social Ad

Video ad for social platforms. 1080×1080 pixels.

Kluck's Krispy Chicken 4th of July Promotion

Fourth of July promotional email header.

Fourth of July email header promoting a limited-time offer emphasizing the urgency to try the sampler.

Kluck's Krispy Chicken Social Reels

Menu Highlight with Location End Card

Krispy Chicken Sandwich Highlight