Project Details


The objective of this project was to create a cohesive brand identity for The Home Depot’s new studio, where photos, videos, and other creative content are produced for marketing purposes. The aim was to develop a brand identity that reflected The Home Depot’s values and resonated with its target audience.


To begin, extensive research was conducted to gain an in-depth understanding of The Home Depot’s existing brand identity, values, and target market. This research was the foundation for developing the new studio’s brand identity.

The next step involved collaborating with stakeholders to define the key brand attributes that would align with The Home Depot’s overall brand strategy. This included exploring color palettes, typography, and visual elements representing the studio’s creative output.

After a series of brainstorming sessions and creative exploration, a brand identity concept was formulated. It incorporated elements that conveyed creativity, reliability, and innovation while staying true to The Home Depot’s brand essence.


The final brand identity for The Home Depot Studio successfully captured the studio’s essence as a hub for creative content production. The chosen color palette, typography, and visual elements complement The Home Depot’s overarching brand identity while giving the studio its own distinct personality.

The brand identity was applied across various touchpoints, including the studio’s digital platforms and marketing materials. The result was a consistent and impactful brand presence resonating with internal stakeholders and the target audience.

Overall, this project significantly strengthened The Home Depot’s brand ecosystem by establishing a strong and recognizable identity for its studio, thereby enhancing its marketing and creative endeavors.