Matthew Daniel

Delta Giant Tablet
Year 2013
Applications Photoshop, Illustrator,
Categories Branding, Delta Air Lines
Project Goal

The project was an idea the marketing director had where he requested that we build a giant tablet that we could use at activations/customer events highlighting Delta's latest products and features.


The giant tablet cabinet was created in California and used a backlight "super graphic" of the Delta widget and a touchscreen display. The company in California made three of these displays. We created the exhibits so they could be broken down and shipped around to various locations.

I did research based on the project requirements and designed the user interface in a carousel so that I would hide none of the highlighted products or features from sight. The user would then use the touch display to rotate through the carousel. I created all the assets for the interface and worked with a third-party vendor to do the Flash programming. As time passed, more and more highlighted products and features were added to the carousel.