Matthew Daniel

Taste from the Vine
Year 2006
Technology Photoshop, Illustrator
Categories Kennesaw State University
Project Goal

Promote a local event. The goal of this project was to pick an event from the classifieds and use illustrator to create an illustration and some type of promotional graphic to highlight the event. The illustration had to use tessellation and appear surrealistic while containing a form that morphed into another form.


For my creative solution, I found an event for a book club with wine tasting. I decided to build illustrations around reading a book and having wine and cheese. I created a tessellation out of the bird silhouettes and roses. The bird morphs from a page in the book and then flies up to the title. The ribbon draws the viewer's eye through the design down through the book. The bottom portion of this image shows an example of a seven-foot-tall wine bottle with the graphic as a promotion.